Here at EKO Powder Coating, we have the ability to turn old-looking and bland-looking metals into gorgeous pieces of art! From Sandblasting and Phosphate cleaning to the Powder Coating itself, you are sure to have found the right company for your product.
We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our finished product!
Our Powder Coating Services include:



With these services come many fun options, making it easy for you to customize your product just that much more. We offer multiple color options, packaging of finished parts and even work on product parts sized up to 35' long, 12' wide and 10' high.


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Our facility is set up with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We have a pre-treatment wash bay that is equipped with a high-pressure hot iron phosphate washer to ensure proper cleaning of every single part. The parts will then go through the oven for a short period of time in order to dry off. We let our parts cool down to the appropriate temperature where they will then go into our totally enclosed spray booth. After the parts have had the powder applied with an even coat they will go into the oven for curing for anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the powder manufacturer's specs.

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At EKO Powder Coating, we offer dry blasting as our primary way to sandblast. Dry blasting is the most economical way to prepare parts for powder coating. This method is used to strip parts of old paint or to clean new steel for the best surface prep for powder coating.


This is the most important part of the entire process. Our phosphate cleaning bay is equipped with a customized high-heat, high-pressure automatic washer to remove any oils or dirt from the parts prior to applying the powder. Phosphate adds another layer of protection to ensure a long life for each powder coat job.

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Our Rohner spray booth is the best in superior quality, high-performance paint spray booths that can handle the most diverse of coating and finishing applications. Nothing beats a spray booth like our Rohner spray booth. This booth is enclosed keeping the work environment safe, clean and efficient. As well as having Rohner spray booths, we also have Sames-Kremlin sprayers. These sprayers allow us to ensure high transfer efficiency with high voltage total control, high finishing quality with premium equipment and an adaptive voltage/current curve to coat in any conditions.

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Our cure oven can accommodate parts up to 35’ long x 12’ wide x 10’ high and will reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees. It is equipped with a timer that will start when the oven reaches the pre-programmed temperature. This ensures that our parts are cured at the correct temperature per the powder manufacturer's specs.

Our belief here at EKO Powder Coating is that professional powder coating should be more than just work. It should be a work of art!
We are passionate about what we do and that passion shows in each and every project that we complete. 

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